Committee meeting minutes – May 2022

by | Jun 11, 2022 | News

Date: 29/05/2022

Present Committee: Rob, Ryan, Doug, Hayden, Jordan, Brendin, Justin 

Absent : Pete, Stan, Adam.

 Commencement 19:02


  • Posted minutes on webpage to be condensed to just topic and action?

Motion to shorten notes to agenda and action, 

Still to be shared among the committee before posting.

Action :Justin to abbreviate minutes, get sign off before posting on the web.

  • Whom will attend ASNZ AGM, TAC will pay for travel/accommodation/food?

Lamb to go: 18th June

Action : Brendin book own Flights, food. Keep receipts for reimbursement  by TAC.

Reminder to prep accommodation details with family 

  • Protocol for clearing rental gun when battery runs out during play, due to the phenomenon of single shot regardless of trigger when the next battery is attached. 

Action. Hiremaster:  Clearing on the day by changing battery just outside of safezone to new battery 

Following week, hires prepped outside the safety zone. Until

Or Sock or barrel cover while putting batteries on. 

Long Term solution

Hayden: Vice installed in container facing safe direction.

  • Junior development update.  VP 

Hot gun waiver : Alastair has looked over, suitable as is.

Disciplinary action document . 

Doug:  Note added criminal conviction disclaimer. 

Disciplinary ‘can’ amended from ‘will’ result in reduced to green blue during the process depending on the incident. (action completed)

  • FPOS update: Justin 

Action: Rob website using RSVP have tick box to state no FPOS restriction on attendee

Action: Rob, Brendin, Justin: paper version to reflect. 

  • Vetting finalization :

Benjamin Rowbotham

Favor: 7

Against: 0

Justin: membership list (completed)

Public announcement: P /VP 

  • Vice treasurer update, 

Action Look for person: as Peta from paintball shop, offered to train someone to come up to speed with Xero to understudy Adam.  

PB shop advertising,

  • Anti discrimination policy update, Doug, Jordan

Nicki open to idea of hosting women’s club day

Access to toilets priority for this type of game day. 

Action: Nicki to propose next suitable date

Action: Look into the cost of portaloo for overnight events, camping on site.

  • BBs stock level update Doug/Justin/Rob 

2 1/2 full plus 1 .2g box (and ~half a box of brown BB’s)

Action 19th June private event. Replenish afterwards within month of June

  • Priority parking by container for Committee members (Signage Justin 

Can share draft for all signs in the pipeline atm if wanted 

Action: Goes in when made . working bee , weekday job. 

  • Mail Chimp roll out, Rob, Justin, Alastair

Rests on readiness of 

-Hot gun waiver



Action: three documents when ready to Rob, 

-Rob to compile and send it back to committee for final review. 

  • Promoting of kill rags (Justin) clarification of hits called/overshooting confusion

In order to make smallest likelihood of overshooting from player being hits perspective

TAC recommends in emphasis of or addition to all other game and safety recommendations 

Step 1 : YELL hit. (The shooter may have not heard you)

Step 2 : kill rag (Present a red kill rag on your mask in the direction of the opposing force)

Step 3: walk back till out of fire as necessary, this step supersedes any game rules such as medics etc.

Action: field map, one side map, one side red for kill rag. 

Redwoods map supplier. To obtain quote

  • Purchase of Valhalla guns update:

Very newish , chronoed blue tag. 

Masks are single lens, not a good performer for anti fogging. 

44 guns in line across the board 

64 mags

Action : 2 mags for hire , consideration loss of mags with rental people. 

5$ coverage or deposit. 

  • Proposal (Moose)

approx one game per week burst fire on blue tag where MOSFET has 3 shot function allowing Milsim/night events update.

Game specific, a game that caters to this SMG type…..

Action: As gamemaster sees fit, this rule with games created to offer facilitation of burst fire, contrasts the initial idea of one game per week. 

  • Membership fee increase to documentation update. Justin/Rob

Action :Rob to change digital version,(Completed) 

-Anyone to print out new paper copies, 

-Justin to remove all old copies. 

  • Map printing update Hayden  

Action : Just about ready to be picked up, then delivered to container

Magnets and models (

Stored in the container. 


Next meeting: June 26th

Meeting finished:19:59


Roll over topics 

  1. Sponsorship Stan/Brody
  2. Accessories for hire guns. 
  3. ,Nationals selection, (though we won’t be competing it’s probably time to start getting formal selection process)
  4. President update
  5. VPresident update
  6. Digital Mongul update
  7. Secretary update
  8. Treasurer update
  9. Social Media update
  10. Gamemaster update
  11. Quartermaster update 
  12. Fieldmaster  update

Moving of container, Pete looking to move to chrono side

Kiosk built by Pete or lesser solution. 

Discussion at Queens birthday event.