An update from the club president,

Hi Guys and girls, this is quite big so I will keep it brief in the hopes that you read this.


Firstly TAC will be at Armageddon in Tauranga sharing a stand with Unlimited Airsoft, we will be using this platform to grow our club and share our love of the sport.  If you have a passion for this and are willing to help us out on either the 16th or the 17th of March, email me at
Secondly Nationals has been confirmed and will be hosted somewhere in the vicinity of Auckland on the 26th of October.

TAC will be looking to get at least one team into this event, but we need to get training ASAP.  If you are keen and feel that you have what it takes then email me at

It’s worth considering a couple of things with Nat’s, firstly it’s expensive to do. Once you consider event entry, accommodation, playing uniform, gear your looking at probably the best part of 1,000$.  Also competition day is intense, fitness levels required are insane. Ensuring that you make it between each event and run them while ensuring all your mags are loaded and your gun is still working is next level.
Thirdly, all the information in regard to Nationals and Armageddon will be shared primarily through the TAC members group on messenger, If you aren’t in this group yet and want to be, fire me a friend request through Facebook (or a message) and I’ll add you.
Thanks all,
Luke Irvine on behalf of Doug ‘Yardie” Swinyard.
Luke Irvine
Tauranga Airsoft Club
Social Media Manager – 2024
M: 027-341-0734