Matters discussed are detailed below:

Attendees:  Doug, Baden, Josh, Fraser, Sharon, Tony & Glen

Underage Players

The club has discussed and voted to change club policy regarding underage players.  Effective immediately, under age players are no longer allowed at TAC events.  All players must be either 16 with their firearms license or over 18.  Existing members who are underage have been notified and given a full membership refund.  This has always been part of the TAC constitution, but never fully implemented.  If any underage members have not been contacted, please email the club president to discuss.


The club has discussed the dangers of safety glasses during game play and have voted to transition in to only allowing full seal face goggles.  There will be a 3-month transition period to allow players to secure new safety eyewear if they need to.  Full seal face goggles will be compulsory by 1st July 2018 at all TAC events.

Barrel Socks

Also to improve general club safety, barrel socks will be phased in over the next 3 months, and will become compulsory by 1st July 2018 at all TAC events.  All guns will be required to have barrel socks on while in the safe zones or once game has been called off.  Barrel socks can be purchased from NZ Airsoft for $10 for one or $15 for two.

Hire Gear

NZ Airsoft has notified the club that they will continue to supply hire guns for new players as needed, but will no longer be supplying safety gear.  This will take effect within the next two months.  The club discussed potentially using good quality paint ball masks for the safety gear, which will be cleaned and maintained by club members.  Yardie has supplied links to his preferred suppliers, and the committee will discuss and make a commitment to purchase a couple of trial masks at the next committee meeting.

Tauranga Armageddon – 26/27th May 2018

The next Tauranga Armageddon show is happening 26/27th May.  Last year was a huge success with a noticeable interest in the sport of Airsoft and new players coming out for games to try the sport out.  If you would like to represent TAC and help out at the show over the weekend, register through the NZ Airsoft website.

TECT Field Development

There is a plan to start applying for funding to help develop the club field at TECT.  Part of what the club needs to be doing for funding approval is to show that they are fundraising and developing their field already.

Mastercard and Spanky erected a quick sample barricade before the club meeting to demonstrate a solution for easy field development.  The club has approved a working bee in conjunction with the Apocalypse Crew (date to be confirmed) to build approx 15-20 barricades of various sizes (depending on cost), paint them and install them at the park.  The committee has pre-approved a budget of $1,000 for this first round of development.  Once a working bee date has been confirmed, this will be posted on the club website for club members to RSVP to help out.

Changes to committee members

Due to changes in circumstance, there are a few committee members who are looking to step down fairly shortly.  If you are available and would like to help grow your club, please email the club president ([email protected]) to register your interest.  Currently the committee meets the first Wed of every month, but this may change to be two-monthly meetings combined with a general club meeting before game days for the other months.


Are you wanting to play more games?  Do you have some fantastic ideas for game scenarios that you would like to try out?  We need you!  If you would like to step up and run a game day (seriously the morning admin is easy to do) we would love to hear from you.