Open Game Day – Sunday 29th November

All players welcome!

We are hopeful that we will be back to Level 1 by this time.  This game day will be directly after the TECT Park 10th birthday open day (Saturday 28th Nov) so we are hoping to see some new faces on the field.

At this stage, the below details relate to Level 2 operating conditions, but will be updated as soon as we return to Level 1 (fingers crossed that is SOON!)

Under Level 2 conditions, the game will be limited to 30 attendees.  Make sure you get your RSVP in ASAP so that you don’t miss out.

You MUST RSVP on this form to ensure compliance with contact tracing obligations.

Note: If the alert levels change this game post will be updated closer to the event, but we will still require everyone to RSVP to ensure proper contact tracing.



As this game is taking place during COVID Alert Level 2 there will be special conditions regarding attendance.  These special conditions are to ensure Tauranga Airsoft Club Incorporated complies with current COVID 19 Regulations.

Who can attend?  This game is open to anybody. 

Mandatory Registration: For TAC to comply with COVID Track and Trace requirements, all attendees must fill out the extended RSVP form below.  Anyone who does not complete this form will be turned away on the day.  There is no onsite registration.

Age Limit: 18 and older

Sales: Admin staff will be undertaking cash sales on the day

Sanitation: The Event Organiser(s) will have hand sanitiser available. Medical gloves and masks are not considered necessary for attendance but you may use them if you wish.  Please remove these from the field when you leave.

Safe Zone: The Safe Zone can be used please maintain social distancing.

Social Distancing: A 2m Social Distancing requirement is in place.  Please be mindful of other players.  You have 12ha to play in, no need to get close.

Hire Gear: To limit TAC Sanitation obligations there will be LIMITED Hire Gear available at this event.

It is important that all attendees abide by the conditions posted here as well as any instructions given at the event by organisers.  Failure to comply with COVID 19 regulations will result in you being ejected from the event.

We would like to remind everyone of the following conduct recommendations and game day requirements:
  • Please ensure you transport your Airsoft guns and gear to the event safely and out of sight in cases or bags.
  • You will be parking in a public area.   All guns and gear are to remain in cases or bags until you are on the TAC field and away from public view.
  • Registration will be completed at the TAC carpark.
  • Chrono testing, safety briefing and game briefing will be completed on the field.
  • There is to be absolutely no smoking whatsoever onsite.  TECT All Terrain Park is a Smoke-Free Zone.


No Registration – No Entry.

It is mandatory for all attendees to RSVP to this event using the provided COVID Registration form.

Even if you have joined the event on Facebook, you need to RSVP here.

This is to ensure the club complies with its Track and Trace obligations.

Lack of bookings may force the game to be called off.

COVID Level 2 Registration - TERMS 29 Nov

    Please select the gear option you require

Where to meet


TECT All Terrain Park – TAC Airsoft Battlezone carpark.
From the Visitors Centre follow the signs to the Shooters Corner.
At the BOP Clay Target Club turn right onto Ngawaro Rd towards the NZDA rifle range.
Park in the TAC carpark.

Registration will be completed at the TAC carpark.  Chrono testing, safety briefing and game briefing will be completed on the field.
(TECT map below)


$10 for TAC & AWI Members
$20 for non-club Members

$15 for 3,000 0.25g for TAC & AWI members
$20 for 3,000 0.25g for non-club members

Hire Gear
$30 for Airsoft gun, mask and 350 bb’s
$10 for Mask

TAC Membership
$50 per year.  3-game vetting process for all new member applications before approval of membership is granted.


  • Guns & Gear
  • Spare BB’s
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Plenty of Water / drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal Sanitiser if you have it

Hire Gear

About Hire Gear

Want to play Airsoft but don’t have your own gear?  No problem!

Tauranga Airsoft Club offers top quality hire gear for public use.

The hire gear is supplied and maintained by NZ Airsoft.

What you get

  • ICS Proline M4 Rifle
  • Full Seal Goggles
  • Steel mesh lower face mask
  • Full Mag of BB’s (350)

The Price

$30.00 – Bookings essential!
Please Book Hire gear before Thursday 7pm


Face protection has recently been upgraded to full-face masks offering improved protection from BB strikes!


Game Staff

  1. Spanky (Morning Registration)
  2. Mastercard (Hire Gear)
  3. TBC (Games)


  1. Elliot P
  2. Name
  3. Name
  4. Name
  5. Name
  6. Name
  7. Name
  8. Name
  9. Name
  10. Name
  11. Name
  12. Name
  13. Name
  14. Name

Hire Gear

  1. Elliot P
  2. Available
  3. Available
  4. Available
  5. Available
  6. Available
  7. Available
  8. Available
  9. Available
  10. Available
  11. Available
  12. Available

Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. Rules

Make yourself familiar with the Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc Rules regarding Game Days, Player Safety and Conduct.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TAC administrators.

TECT All Terrain Park