A group of TAC players recently attended the 2016 Night Terror Easter event hosted by NZ Airsoft, and brought home the team win (and Easter goodies).  This NZ Airsoft event was another sell-out success with more than 60 players taking to the field to battle it out over 10 hours for top prize honours.

The Night Terror events are hosted by NZ Airsoft and run at “The Asylum” in Kingseat.  These are endurance Airsoft events that run non-stop for 10-12 hours where teams battle to scavenge items that earn them points.  The rules are simple, but the tactics can be as complex as you choose, with options to hire additional firepower, or place bounties on other teams to steal their points creating significant game changes as the events progress.

For further information on upcoming Night Terror events, visit their website.  Event dates are added as they become available throughout the year.

Well done team TAC, you have done us proud again!