Club Rules

The following Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules rules are for your safety and the safety of the other players at Tauranga Airsoft Club Incorporated events. The Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules are to ensure all attendees, whether club members or public, have a safe and enjoyable time.

Please obey the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules and the directions of the Game Administrators and Committee members at Tauranga Airsoft Club events. If you have any questions regarding any of the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules, please feel free to contact us.

Release of Liability Waivers

All Members and Casual Players (public) must read and complete the appropriate TAC Liability Waiver at every game day registration.  All attendees must sign the waiver, even if they are not playing on the day.

Club & Event Costs

Annual Club membership fees are $60.00 per year.
New members must complete 4 vetting games before membership will be approved.
1 TAC Club Patch is included with your membership and will be presented after the 4-game vetting process is completed.
(Club fees are non refundable or transferable)

Additional TAC Club patches are available for $5.00 each.
Ask administrator or Committee Member for details. 

Full Day: Members $10.00 – Non-members $20.00

Please note: Fees may vary from as some field owners charge different per player fees and some special event incur additional costs which are covered by the players.

BB’s (Ammunition) 
0.28g – 5600u Bag – $20 TAC Members

0.25g – 5600u Bag – $25  TAC Members

0.28g – 5600u Bag – $35 Non-Members 

0.25g – 5600u Bag – $30 Non-Members

Includes gun, mask and full mag of BB’s: $30.00 per game.

For more info visit the Hire Gear page

Member Discounts

A member must have their yearly membership fee paid in full to be eligible for any TAC member discounted products and services, online and offline.


  • New members must complete a 4 game vetting process before their membership can be approved.
  • Once new members are approved they will be able to purchase Airsoft gear from local retailers – request a letter of membeship from the Treasurer.
  • Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. reserves the right to terminate membership without refund in the event that a member has been found in violation of Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules.
  • Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. reserves the right to refuse membership for any reason without explanation or cancel your membership for failure to comply with the club rules or policies.
  • No persons under the age of 16 years are permitted to join Tauranga Airsoft Club

Want to Join?

Check out our page on joining the Tauranga Airsoft Club.

Safety Eye Wear Policy

Safety Eye Wear

Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. wants your gaming experience to be as enjoyable and safe as possible. Safety eye wear (also referred to as Eye Protection Devices “EPDs”) should be your highest priority purchase when buying your Airsoft equipment. They will be the only device that stands between your eyes and airborne, high velocity BB’s used in game play. Your safety eye wear choice should be made around both suitable Impact Ratings and Wrap Around Design.

The definition of the term “goggles” where used in this policy shall mean:

  • Eye Protective Devices (EPD’s) of the full-face contact goggle type with solid lenses (no mesh). They shall be impact rated and of a wrap-around design, and able to be securely fastened to the head.

Mesh or perforated eye wear is NOT allowed at any Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. event.

Players Aged Under 18

ALL players under 18 years must wear full face contact goggles AND robust lower face protection such as a mask made from mesh or hard plastic to protect the nose, mouth and teeth. Fabric or neoprene is not acceptable. A one piece full face mask is OK provided it meets all the specifications for Impact Ratings and Wrap Around Design as noted below.

Impact Ratings

There are no New Zealand standards for safety eye wear relating to the sport of Airsoft. However Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. recommends the following applicable safety eye wear Impact Ratings that you should look for when buying eye wear:

  • ASTM F2879-16 Eye Protective Devices for Airsoft Sports
  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 with the + rating for high impact (i.e. marked Z87+)

  • U.S. MIL SPEC,MIL-PRF-32432 for ballistic goggles
  • CE EN 166 Mechanical Strength A or Mechanical Strength B.
  • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 rated for High Impact V or B, OR rated for Extra High Impact A.

The IMPACT RATING should apply to both the lenses and their housings.

Please note, not all safety eye wear made has an impact rating so check carefully.

In New Zealand the most commonly available impact rated safety eye wear will be occupational or “work wear type” safety glasses. These will most likely be made to AS/NZS 1337.1 2010 rated for Medium Impact (marked with an I). This Medium Impact rating is for a 0.90 Joule impact energy, using a 6mm dia steel ball travelling at 45 m/s (147 fps).

Glasses are being phased out and full face seal goggles will be compulsory from 1st July 2018 at all TAC events.

In Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. Airsoft games, airgun muzzle energy limits are 1.0 Joule for Close Quarters Combat (CQB) and up to 2.35 Joules for open field games. Most Airsoft weapon muzzle velocities would be between 300-500 fps.

The impact energy rating of medium impact, work wear safety glasses is well below airsoft requirements and manufacturers warn against using them for recreational and sporting purposes.



Any player using safety eye wear that does not meet Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc.’s recommendations for IMPACT RATINGS does so at their own risk, knowing that the risk of serious eye injury (i.e. potential blindness or loss of one eye or both eyes) or other facial injury is increased.

Wrap Around Design

Wrap Around Design safety eye wear means ensuring your safety eyewear has no gaps that can permit entry of BB pellets. Airsoft is a combat sport and high velocity BB’s pellets can come from any direction (in front, behind, the side, above or below) and multiple shots simultaneously.

  • Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. only allows the use of full face contact goggles of a wide vision, Wrap Around Design that fit snugly around your facial features with no gaps for maximum safety.
  • Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. will not allow safety glasses to be worn at their events from 1st July 2018
  • One piece full face masks that include eye protection are OK provided:
    -the lenses are NOT mesh and,
    -the lenses are suitably IMPACT RATED as noted above and,
    -they incorporate an internal full face contact goggle piece around the lenses.

Eye wear is every players’ primary responsibility. This includes what you choose to buy, ensuring you wear it properly fitted at all times and that it is worn when outside any safe zone and during game play.


Safety eye wear may be compromised if subjected to severe impacts, scratches, pitting, chemicals, heat or sunlight. Check your safety eye wear regularly and replace it if there is any doubt as to its integrity.

Please do not be disappointed if you are not allowed to participate because you have not complied with this safety eye wear policy. Game Event Marshals may ask to inspect your safety eye wear and reject it if they have any concerns.

Some recommended Safety Eye Wear

Ensure you buy your safety eye wear from a reputable source or outlet.

X Series

Bolle X800, X810 and X1000 ballistic goggles.

ESS Turbo

ESS Profile Turbo Fan with Cortex Clipballistic goggles (made specifically for Airsoft players)

ESS Ballistic

ESS Profile Series ballistic goggles


Revision Desert Locust ballistic goggles

Game Day Rules

Personal Conduct Policy

Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. expects all members to abide by the club rules and policies, and promote the sport of Airsoft in a safe and positive manner.

  • No alcohol is permitted to be consumed before or during a game event, on any club property or at any events organized by TAC.
  • No foul or degrading language will be tolerated on or off the field.
  • Physical, verbally abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No discrimination or harassment in relation to race, skin colour, sex, creed, religion or disability will be tolerated.
  • General use of various camouflaged Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU’s) or Army Combat Uniforms (ACU’s) is encouraged, however players should be mindful of using symbolic icons or clothing and how this may be offensive to others. Symbolic icons or clothing may only be appropriate in games that are re-enactments of historical events.
  • No knives are allowed on the game field or CQB area at any time unless they are fully rubber or soft knives used for gaming.

Game Event Marshal’s

Game Event Marshals are on the field to direct the game, for safety and to make sure you have a fun and fair game.

During a game event the Marshal (or Marshal’s) will deal with any matters that arise and this may include asking a player to correct their behaviour, direct a player to take some time out, or direct a player to leave the game event permanently.

  • Marshals have the final say on all game event matters.
  • Marshals may call your hits if you are unsure if you have been hit.
  • Marshals shall wear a High Visibility vest during game play and wear eye protection.
  • Marshals shall not carry weapons of any sort.

Generally there should be a ratio of at least one game event Marshall to every 20 players.

Airsoft Airgun Safety Rules

Airsoft airguns are classified as Restricted Airguns in the New Zealand Arms Act 1983. As such, owners and users of Airsoft airguns should familiarise themselves with the New Zealand Arms Code which is available from the Police or by download on the internet.

Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. recommends Airsoft players should obtain their Firearms Licence and be responsible members of the shooting community at large.

All Airsoft firearms should be made safe and locked away when not in use to prevent their theft or unauthorised use.

Due to the realism of Airsoft airguns, owners and users should take particular care as to where they are displayed and used. The Police will respond rapidly and probably armed, to any public complaint regarding firearms.

Airsoft airguns should not have loaded magazines when stored in a vehicle i.e. while traveling to and from games.

All players must abide by the Safety Eye Wear Policy of the Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. at all times.

Safety eye wear must be worn at all times unless off the game field in a safe area or in a designated Safe Zone.

All players should maintain muzzle awareness and not point their Airsoft airgun at another player unless legitimately targeting them in a game.  A safe place to point the muzzle of your Airsoft airgun is generally at the ground or at the sky. Be aware of people sitting on the ground. If you are not using your Airsoft airgun consider placing it on the ground or in its storage case.

All players should keep their fingers off the triggers of their Airsoft airguns unless they are about to fire it at a legitimate target in a game.

Target identification and trigger control is an important aspect of Airsoft airgun use in game play.

Do not fire at or towards:

  • a game event Marshal.
  • anyone wearing a Hi-Viz vest.
  • anyone not wearing safety eye wear.
  • an unarmed person.
  • a killed player after they have called HIT.
  • a player who has their weapon above their head.
  • a player with a kill rag on their head.
  • a player who has surrendered.
  • any spectator or any person outside the playing field.
  • any animals or livestock.
  • at any building or equipment owned by the field owner that you might damage.

Whenever GAME OFF is called, or you are in a Safe Zone or off the game field, or whenever else there is a safety issue then all Airsoft guns must be immediately made safe by removing the magazine, clearing the chamber, applying the saftey catch and barrel stock if you have one. If asked to leave your Airsoft gun on the ground please do so as soon as possible and dont pick it up until given a directive to by game staff or an authoritive figure.

A Safe Zone is usually a designated area on the field where within it players can safely remove their safety eye wear. The Safe Zone is usually an area where players can store equipment, prepare for games and where players return to after each game ends.  There are strict rules in Safe Zones to prevent any accidents. Safe Zones may have BB impenetrable walls around them or be in some specified area of the field with natural features to protect it and be away from the gaming taking place.

  • Before entering a Safe Zone all Airsoft airguns shall have the magazine removed, the chamber cleared, the trigger safety catch engaged and the barrel sock applied.
  • Airsoft pistols must have their magazines removed when Game Off is called, and magazines must also be removed before entering a Safe Zone. If you need to fire your pistol to unload a magazine or empty it of gas then you must leave the Safe Zone and return.
  • There shall be no firing or testing of any Airsoft guns in the Safe Zone, car park or nearby public road at any game event.
  • Safety eye wear shall be put on before leaving the Safe Zone.

General Game Calls

The sport of Airsoft depends largely on honesty. Unlike Paint Ball there is no paint marker to determine hits (or kills). An Airsoft BB hit may be hard and possibly painful at close quarters or hardly felt at all at longer engagement distances. However hard the BB hits you, a hit is a hit and you will be expected to acknowledge it and act accordingly; this is a basic premise of the sport of combat Airsoft.

All players should exercise control should a player appear not to call a hit. Sometimes BB’s may hit a hard surface such as a vest and not be heard or felt. If you have concerns about another player’s conduct please bring it to the attention of a game event Marshal.

Below are some common game calls used in Airsoft games. These may vary from club to club, or within different game types. Listen to game briefings carefully.

Game Calls List

Signifies the beginning of the game or in some circumstances continuation of the game. Generally this call is repeated by players as they hear it across the field. The “GAME ON” call may also be accompanied by a horn blast or whistle.

Signifies the end or temporary suspension of the game. All game play and shooting must cease immediately. Generally this call is repeated by players as they hear it across the field. The “GAME OFF” call may also be accompanied by a horn blast or whistle.

When “GAME OFF” is called you must immediately make your Airsoft gun safe by removing the magazine, clearing the chamber, applying the safety catch and applying the barrel sock.

If any player needs to stop the game for good reason he/she may also call “GAME OFF” at any time.

If you are hit by a BB pellet you must call “HIT” in a loud voice so it can be clearly heard. It doesn’t matter how hard you are hit by a BB or where you are hit, a hit is a hit.

  • A gun hit is a hit
  • Any hit from a BB ricocheting off an object close to you such as a wall or a tree is a hit
  • Friendly fire (hits from team mates) count as a hit (also called fratricide)

When hit, the player shall adopt a non-combative stance. Examples of this are pointing your rifle to the ground and putting one or both hands in the air or on your head, or your rifle above your head. Alternatively if you have a Kill Rag then this can be put on your head.

When re-entering game play, usually after being hit, you must loudly call “BACK IN”. When coming back in you should either duck behind close cover and then call “BACK IN” in or fall back well out of game play and then call “BACK IN”. This is to keep the game play fair. Your decision on what to do may depend on the individual game rules in play at the time.

This call is used to kill (or HIT) a player who is inside your Minimum Engagement Distance (MED). Bang Kills should be decisive. You should not Bang Kill a player while you are running or fully hidden behind cover. Your target should not be running either. When calling “BANG” you should also try to identify the other player in some way i.e. “BANG John” or “BANG black shirt”. Your Airsoft gun should also be trained upon the player you are targeting.

If a player does not agree with your Bang Kill call he can contest it by calling “CONTEST”. If he so calls it then you can take the shot even if the other player is within your MED. If you hit him he is HIT, if you miss then the game continues and he must be allowed to escape.

Depending on the game being played the “MEDIC” call is usually made by a hit player to one of his team mates. The team mate can heal the player by placing a hand on them or putting on a bandage, after which they can call “BACK IN”. Medic rules can vary a lot so listen carefully to the game briefing.

Usually this is called by a hit player who is leaving the field to go to a re-spawn point. In some games you may have a certain time limit for one of your team mates to “MEDIC” you back in or you are deemed to have bled out. Calling “DEAD MAN WALKING” identifies you as a player no longer in the game and not to be shot at.

“EYES” is called if either you or another player has a problem with their safety eye wear i.e. they have come off. When “EYES” is called all game play must stop until the problem is rectified and then “GAME ON” may be called again.

“BAND AID” can be called by you or any other player when a player is injured and there is a medical emergency. When “BAND AID” is heard all gaming shall cease until the game event Marshal has assessed the situation. A “BAND AID” call may be closely followed with a “GAME OFF” call and all weapons must be made safe.

General Game Rules

Kill Rag (or Hit Marker)
This is a red or Hi-Viz orange rag approximately 200mm x 200mm square that you put on your head to identify that you have been hit. Players with kill rags on display shall not be fired upon. It is a good idea to fix Velcro to the top of your helmet or hat and sew the mating piece to your kill rag. This will keep it from falling off if you have to walk to a re-spawn point.

Dead Players Don’t Talk
Keep the spirit of the game alive! Dead or hit players shall not communicate in any way (speak, use their radios or gesture etc) to their team mates or other players still alive.

Knife Kills
Players may carry rubber or soft knives onto the game field for the purpose of simulating knife kills. A knife kill is performed by gently placing the knife on some part of the enemy player where they will be able to see it. The player receiving the knife kill shall take the kill silently and not alert others. After receiving a knife the general hit rule for the particular game will apply.

Bleed Out
This is a game rule sometimes used signifying a time limit on how long you can wait for a Medic or how long you must sit and wait out your hit before either coming back in or returning to a re-spawn point. Some players may call BLEED OUT to let other players around know they are moving off.

Blind Firing
Blind firing refers to firing your rifle without having your target in your sights. Such as firing your rifle above your head, over a wall or around a corner. As you cannot see what you are shooting at you could be seriously breaking your MED, hence why blind firing is not acceptable.

Re-spawn Point or Area
Some games require you to move to a re-spawn point or area after you have been hit. Once arriving at the re-spawn point (it could be a flag) you can usually call “BACK IN” and re-enter the game. Listen to game briefings carefully because there could be additional rules attached to re-spawning.

Players may surrender by advising the enemy players they are doing such or adopt a hit stance (as a per HIT call above). Players surrendering are counted as hit and cannot re-enter the game until they are Medic’d or re-spawn according to the particular game rules. Surrendered players may not suddenly come back into the game by changing their mind (i.e. commit an act of perfidy).

These are set out to mark the limit of the playing field. Players are not to fire out of the marked boundaries and where possible to stay least 10m from the boundary. Game event Marshals may advise you to move away from the boundaries for public safety. Players are not to aim or shoot their Airsoft guns towards anyone seen on a boundary, any spectators or live stock.

Airsoft Gun Power & Minimum Engagement Distances

Gun Power

The power of an Airsoft gun is measured as the velocity of the BB exiting the barrel multiplied by the weight of the BB being fired. This is determined by using a chronograph.

Different types of guns tend to be designed for specific types of game play or roles.  They also tend to be manufactured to fire with an amount of power which suits role.  For example Close Quarters guns are generally low powered as they are not required to fire over great distances.  Sniper guns are more highly powered to reach targets farther away.

Minimum Engagement Distances

Minimum Engagement Distances, or “MED’s”, are the minimum amount of distance any player may be from their opponent and still be permitted to fire.  MED’s are based on the type of game and the power of the Airsoft gun being used.

The more highly powered an Airsoft gun is, the farther the MED for that gun will be. This is to ensure players are not shot at close range with an Airsoft gun that may hurt or cause injury.

Secondary/Pistol (Blue Tag)


  • Semi-auto only
  • NO burst fire and NO full automatic fire


0.20g BB / 350fps (107m/s)
0.23g BB / 326fps (99m/s)
0.25g BB / 313fps (95m/s)
0.28g BB / 295fps (90m/s)

Support/Light Field (Green Tag)


  • Semi-auto and burst fire are permitted (game dependent).
  • Maximum rate of full automatic fire: 20 BB’s per second.
  • Minimum Engagement Distance: 5m
  • Recommended Engagement Distance:  10m+


0.20g BB / 392 fps (119 m/s)
0.23g BB / 366 fps (112 m/s)
0.25g BB / 350 fps (107 m/s)
0.28g BB / 331 fps (101 m/s)
0.30g BB / 320 fps (98 m/s)


Light Field (Yellow Tag)


  • Semi-auto, burst fire and full automatic fire are all permitted (game dependent).
  • Minimum Engagement Distance: 15m
  • Recommended Engagement Distance:  20m+


0.20g BB / 447 fps (136 m/s)
0.23g BB / 417 fps (127 m/s)
0.25g BB / 400 fps (122 m/s)
0.28g BB / 378 fps (115 m/s)
0.30g BB / 366 fps (111 m/s)



Players using these rifles shall are required to carry a sub 1.42 Joule pistol or other “secondary weapon” for defence at distances under 15m.

DMR (Orange Tag)


  • Semi-auto or single shot bolt action only
  • No rapid firing, max of 2 BBs in the air
  • Minimum Engagement Distance: 20m
  • Recommended Engagement Distance:  25m+


0.20g BB / 503 fps (153 m/s)
0.23g BB / 469 fps (143 m/s)
0.25g BB / 450 fps (137 m/s)
0.28g BB / 425 fps (130 m/s)
0.30g BB / 411 fps (125 m/s)
0.32g BB / 398 fps (121 m/s)
0.36g BB / 374 fps (113 m/s)

Players wishing to use Sniper/DMR high energy weapons will need to be persons of good repute who are Senior Members or are known to the Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. committee or game event Marshal, and have their permission to use these weapons. They shall be able to demonstrate safe play and good estimation of distances for their longer MED’s.


Players using these rifles shall are required to carry a sub 1.42 Joule pistol or other “secondary weapon” for defence at distances under 20m.

Sniper (Red Tag)


  • Semi-auto or single shot bolt action only
  • No rapid firing , max of 2 BBs in the air
  • Minimum Engagement Distance: 30m
  • Recommended Engagement Distance:  35m+


0.20g BB / 559 fps (170 m/s)
0.23g BB / 521 fps (156 m/s)
0.25g BB / 500 fps (152 m/s)
0.28g BB / 473 fps (144 m/s)
0.30g BB / 457 fps (139 m/s)
0.32g BB / 442 fps (134 m/s)
0.36g BB / 417 fps (127 m/s)

Players wishing to use Sniper/DMR high energy weapons will need to be persons of good repute who are Senior Members or are known to the Tauranga Airsoft Club Inc. committee or game event Marshal, and have their permission to use these weapons. They shall be able to demonstrate safe play and good estimation of distances for their longer MED’s.


Players using these rifles shall are required to carry a sub 1.42 Joule pistol or other “secondary weapon” for defence at distances under 30m.

Other types of Airsoft guns or game weapons

Any pistols, rifles or other weapons that do not conform to the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules above should be brought to the attention of the Marshal at the beginning of the game event and he/she shall determine whether they can be used and the operating conditions applicable.

This includes flamethrows, rocket launchers, mortars etc.

Banned or Controlled Weapons & Apparatus



Lasers for aiming are not permitted because of the eye hazard to other players.

Binary Triggers

Binary triggers, which are triggers that allow two shots per trigger pull, one on pulling and the other on release.


Percussive Grenades

Loud sound grenades are not permitted because of the high decibel noise hazard to other players.
NOTE: These may be used by a game Marshal under controlled situations to enhance event atmosphere.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke or incendiary devices are not permitted because of the potential fire risk on the playing field.
NOTE: These may be used by a game Marshal under controlled situations to enhance event atmosphere.

BOSS Units

Due to the high decibel noise hazard to other players, BOSS imitation rifle fire units may only be used at the discretion of the game organiser or game event Marshal.
Please notify the game organiser prior to the event if you would like your BOSS unit incorporated into an event role.

Disciplinary Procedures

Any violation of the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules, or any complaint made by any member or game event Marshal to the Tauranga Airsoft Club Committee shall be investigated and dealt with by the Committee.

Have a question?

If you would like some clarification on any of the Tauranga Airsoft Club rules and recommendations, please feel free to contact out admin staff using the form provided.

Remember, the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules are here for your safety and enjoyment as well as that of other attendees at our events.  If you don’t plan to abide by the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules, please refrain from attending Tauranga Airsoft Club events.

If you are an administrator of an Airsoft club and would like to enact the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules for your own events, please feel free to do so.  If you have any questions regarding how the Tauranga Airsoft Club Rules were developed we are happy to chat with you about our process.

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